Attribute Types

Following Hope Wright, the DGSD records 45 attribute types. They include information about the administrative subdivisions of counties; the existence of markets, resources, and manufacturing works, and information about rank, demography, and geography. An entity may be associated with any number of attributes, and many attributes have associated numerical data. The attribute types are:

Administrative subdivisions has xiang , has zhen, has li, has wu, has pu, has fang, has dong, has bao 堡, has zhai 寨, has cheng , has jimizhou 縻州
Markets, resources, and manufacturing has iron market, has silver market, has tea market, has salt market, has lead market, has gold market, has aluminum market, has tin market, has copper market, has salt storage, has salt wells, has iron works, has copper coin work, has coin works, has iron coin works, has mercury works, has silver works, has silver, has horses, has cattle
Rank has civil rank, has military rank
Demographic Information has hu, has kou , has ding, has zhu , has ke , Chinese household, non-Chinese household
Geographical Information has point location, has poly location, alternative civil name, alternative military name, metropolitan